Net neutrality is about POWER

The rules protect our right navigate and link to contents of our choice, allowing us to question and (re)construct our identities.

“Perhaps a linked information system will allow us to see the real structure of the organization in which we work.”

That is, the web is to the mind what a microscope to the naked eye. It amplifies our understanding of how things are connected.

CC-BY Internet Mapping Project
  • Blocking = undermining the construction of new meanings by blocking access to a piece of information that was linked to, or which could have been linked to.
  • Traffic discrimination (e.g. throttling or paid prioritization) = making certain constructions of meaning more attractive than others, based on how much is paid to promote them.

— —— →Call your reps← — —

Tell them to save net neutrality



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Juan Ortiz Freuler

Justice & participation. ICTs & Data. Affiliate @BKCHarvard. Alumni: @oiiOxford & @blavatnikSchool . Chevening Scholar. Views=personal. Here-> open discussion.